Understanding Essential Oil Jewelry 


Many people in the world are constantly on the move on a day to day basis. This is basically from the fact that they must work to meet their daily needs. Such daily activities leave people sweaty and with undesirable smells. This is therefore the biggest motivation for people to acquire sweet smelling perfumes. Good fragrance on clothes from perfumes serves the purpose albeit for a limited duration of time. This is because the smell gradually fades off as one goes on daily duties.

It is in a bid to solve this problem that manufacturers have come up with essential oils that can be used with specific jewelry. Are you aware that there are perfumes in the form of essential oils that can be used on jewelry to have the same effect as normal perfumes? Well, they are there but the biggest question is how they work. To understand how they work, we must first understand what essential oils are. Essential oils are basically extracts of plants that are known to have attractive fragrance. The word essential just implies only the part of the plant that produces the fragrance is extracted.

So, what is essential oil jewelry? Well, this is basically jewelry that is specially designed to hold essential oils that produce sweet fragrance. Since the fragrance reaches us through the process of diffusion, some people refer to such jewelry as essential oil diffuser jewelry. Essential oil jewelry is usually made of special clay or other inorganic materials that are known to be hydrophobic. The material is then designed into beads which are curved in a unique way. The uniqueness of beads used in essential oil jewelry is in the fact that they usually have special holes drilled in them.

One would then ask, why would beads have holes? The reason for having holes is to have a small reservoir for essential oils within the beads. Essential oils are usually held in such holes for a long duration hence providing a good fragrance for long. One point to note is that the part of the bead where the essential oils are held should not be in contact with the skin. This is because some essential oils are not suited to be in contact with the skin.

There are different types of essential oil jewelry. The most common of them is the essential oil diffuser necklace. Most people opt for essential oil necklaces since they prefer good smells to emanate from their necks. The concept of essential oil jewelry has become so common in the world that there are many companies that are engaged in selling such products. It is possible to find information on such companies on the internet where they advertise their merchandize. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essential_oil to read more about this.


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